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The best of both worlds

become part of the athleticflow family

athleticflow not only connects HIIT and yoga, but also instructors and students across Europe. Immerse yourself in the world of athleticflow, whether in the online studio or as a new instructor.

athleticflow teacher training

Become part of the athleticflow family and book your teacher training now. You don't know us yet? Arrange a free consultation!


Erfahre, wie Du athleticflow Instruktor*in werden kannst. Online Ausbildungen und vor Ort in ganz Europa.

Fit auch online, Course für dich !

athleticflow, HIIT and yoga lessons whenever and wherever you want. Take a look around the online studio.


From the soulbottle to hoodies and books -  you will find everything in our online shop.

athleticfow founder

Simon has been a fitness coach for 20+ years and has been a tennis player playing tournaments around the world for many years. He specializes in holistic training and loves high intensity interval trainings. With him you train both in the area of ​​HIIT, i.e. short and intensive sessions, as well as holistically in athleticflow.

Nora has been a yoga teacher for over 9 years and lives with her husband and their two girls at lake Zurich. Together with Simon she developed athleticflow. In her Yoga Teacher program *MY YOGA PATH* she has been educating yoga teachers in Switzerland and abroad for several years. Originally, Nora's yoga style comes from Ashtanga, but now she mainly teaches Vinyasa, gentle yoga, pre- & post natal yoga as well as meditation and yoga nidra.

about athleticflow

A recommendation from Dr. med. Robert Percy Marshall
team doctor RB Leipzig

"athleticflow is the first training concept that combines ancient Indian wisdom (yoga) with the progressive and  scientific  Modern thinking (HIIT training) united. It picks up content from both  Worlds  on, combines them and creates a unique one  Concept. "




athleticflow already has over 300 instructors in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands. Who knows, maybe your city will soon have athleticflow fever too ?! Become part of the athleticflow community in the online studio or as a trainer and benefit from athleticflow specials, workouts and events.

athleticflow team

Workout, motivate, flow smoothly and arrive in Savasana. Our team from  trained athleticflow instructors will accompany you to become even fitter, to grow and to master challenges. Achieve your fitness and wellness goals with our international athleticflow team.

athleticflow team

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Our reviews

“You made some really cool moves in athleticflow. I'm a big fan of surfer burpees and the playground. "

- Jemez M.

athleticflow team

Get notified about events, teacher trainings and specials

Wir möchten dich gerne bei jedem Schritt begleiten und deshalb bieten wir Dir eine kostenlose Probe Woche an, bei der Du den kompletten Zugriff auf unseren Kurs bekommst. Melde dich jetzt schnell an!


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