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about athleticflow

about the founders of athleticflow

Simon & Nora Kersten

Nora & Simon realized that if you combine the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS and develop new movements, which symbolize power, strength and quickness but also calmness, flexibility and control, you quickly transform your body to become a much more complete athlete.

And therefore they created  athleticflow!

athleticflow is a brand new group fitness concept combining the best of both worlds to make you a fitter and more complete athlete. It integrates slow movements to strengthen your balance and increase flexibility while focusing on high intense cardiovascular training elements to shape your body.

Simon Kersten

Certified Fitness Instructor and Founder

Simon, a former professional tennis player, is a yoga teacher and group fitness instructor as well as personal trainer since 17 years teaching all kinds of high-intensity classes such as bootcamp, GRIT, kick boxing, body art extreme, bodypump, CXW, Fitboxe and more. He coached clients in the United States, Denmark, Germany and currently in Switzerland.

His specialty is HIIT (high intense interval training) where he developed his own set of movements coming from different professional sports.


Nora Kersten

Certified Yoga Teacher and Founder

Nora's life is YOGA and everything that has to do with this lifestyle. She is a full-time yoga teacher trainer and yoga teacher. Every year Nora educates between 30-60 yoga teachers in her YTTC "MY YOGA PATH". Nora teaches different styles of yoga - her main style is Vinyasa Yoga, which is a style that is very flowy. In addition, Nora specializes in pre- and post-natal yoga and leads classes for women before, during and after pregnancy and also educates yoga teachers in this area. In addition to yoga on the mat, her great passion is yoga philosophy and pranayama (breathing).

Athletic flow educator team


Nina Kersten



Anna Scott Miller


dennis neo athleticflow.jpg

Dennis Neo


sandra schuler athleticflow.jpg

Sandra Schuler


carol bill athleticflow.jpg

Carol Bertschinger



Nora & Simon Kersten



athleticflow book


Learn more about the latest fitness trend in the athleticflow book. The book is available here online or in bookstores and contains 6 different workouts. Order now and train with us.

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