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about athleticflow


athletic flow

become part of our athleticflow family!

HIIT meets YOGA.

Our unique concept is a holistic workout and suitable for beginners and advanced users.  

Whether online or live on site - book your athleticflow teacher training now with total flexibility. Inspire your participants with the perfect combination of the two worlds HIIT and yoga and become part of the athleticflow family.

The athleticflow family continues to grow. So far we have been able to train over 600 wonderful people in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

athleticflow is offered in fitness studios across Europe, in yoga studios, in schools, in crossfit gyms, in surf camps, in dance schools, in outdoor workouts and in the area of personal training.

All athleticflow instructors are supported with marketing materials, invited to events and festivals and also benefit from the athleticflow network.

athleticflow team

Workout, motivate, flow smoothly and arrive in Savasana. Our team from  trained athleticflow instructors will accompany you to become even fitter, to grow and to master challenges. Achieve your fitness and wellness goals with our international athleticflow team.

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Marketing & Network Support

worldwide community

physical fitness

new release every 3 months

the training content

  • athletic flow master class

  • Learn HIIT Movements & Yoga Flows

  • General structure of athleticflow 

  •  athleticflow background and philosophy

  • Teaching Skills

  • Yoga fundamentals

  • Adjustments & construction of sequences

  • Motivational skill training

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athleticflow teacher training

Become part of the athleticflow family and book your teacher training now. You don't know us yet? Arrange a free consultation!

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